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“Two Little Lovers Sitting In A Tree”, K-I-S-S-I-N-G

If your idea of a gift is one that you make yourself, this piece of artwork by Tara at  would be perfect for Valentine’s day, a wedding or an anniversary.  Her instructions are so easy to follow and she even provides links to the supplies. Plus, who doesn’t remember singing the little rhyme about two lovers sitting in the tree?  I remember jumping rope to it many times.

Kate Spade Inspired Valentine Decor

I recently purchased these paper mache X and O’s from Amazon without a clear craft idea in mind; however, I knew I wanted to put them on a shelf in the living room.

Angela at blue i style has found a way to transform these plain brown letters into Kate Spade inspired letters of love.  If you don’t like the neutral colors, liven them up with pinks and reds for a more romantic feel. Personally, I am going with neutrals so I can use them year round.


Christmas Plaque

I really get into Christmas decorations.  I put up five full size Christmas trees and multiple small size trees.  Since it is October, I decided to go ahead and put up my angel tree upstairs and place it in a space bedroom until closer to Christmas.  One tree decorated, four to go!   Since I was one a roll, I searched Pinterest for other inspirations and saw this Jingle all the Way plaque.  Kerri Bradford’s instructions make this project look super easy I can’t wait to make mine.