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Brass Fireplace Update

Brass fireplace update

My house is full of brass –  door knobs, light fixtures and  fireplace surround.  Replacing the door knobs and light fixtures is easy, but I had no idea how to update the fireplace until I found this tutorial.  It looks like most of the work is in prepping.  My fireplace doesn’t have as much brass as the one depicted in this tutorial, so once I get beyond the prep work it should be fairly easy.  Wish me luck!

Hemp pendant lamp

Hemp pendant lamps

I have seen these hemp pendant lamps in stores, but considering that I wanted three the price became too expensive.  So, I started searching the internet for a tutorial because I knew they could be made cheaper than I could purchase.  When I found this tutorial, my problem was solved.  The natural color of hemp blends with my decor; however, you could use white or colored string.  As for the bouncy ball, you could use any size balloon on up to those large punching balls.  Use your imagination and have fun with it!