How to Add a USB Port to a Wall Outlet

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Ever wished you could plug your USB cable directly into your electrical outlet?  It can be done easier than you think.  It only requires two supplies:   a USB wall outlet and a new wallplate.




How to:

1.  Turn off the breaker to the outlet.  Confirm the electricity is off by plugging something into this outlet.

2.  Unscrew the existing wallplate and remove.

3.  Unscrew the electrical outlet and pull the outlet out of the wall with the wires still connected.  It may help to take pictures so you can reconnect the wires correctly.

4.  Disconnect each wire from the old outlet and connect to the same location in the new outlet.  This will insure that your wiring will be the same.

5.  Carefully push outlet and wires back into junction box and screw into place.

6.  Attach wallplate.

7.  Turn breaker back on.

Apartment therapy has good pictures if you need a visual.

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